Business Scope

The combination of excellent products, supported by an experienced, well-trained, and charming team of salespeople and customer service staff give TMT a clear lead over all our competitors.

The emphasis of Title of Medical Technology is service. It is our mission to provide for our customers a first-class experience when dealing with our sales department or with customer service.

We recognise the challenges that the MOH and Private healthcare face and are in the forefront of new developments leading to better quality treatment for patients that are cost effective and sustainable for the Healthcare provider.

We are professional in providing disposable needed in surgical. Operation room is our area of expertise.

Cost efficacy, as we are offering top brands and quality all over the world, competitive price, fast delivery with emergency team, financial flexible plan for payment and our goal is to decrease purchasing budget.

Title of Medical Technology aims to sell only “best-in-class” products. Whilst the world struggles to fund healthcare because of the global financial crisis, there is a temptation to sell the cheapest instruments possible. We believe that in Healthcare, quality always wins in the end, and customers are always happier with a product that works well every time.

Many companies have new products or technologies that are not quite ready for market, but they require assistance in sales planning, regulatory issues, market research etc.

TMT offers a consultancy package, tailored to suit the requirements of the client, in the MIS and Bariatric Surgery medical device industry.